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Publication Toolkit

Essential information and tools.

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Authors' Submission Toolkit: A practical guide to getting your research published.

Produced by the Medical Publishing Insights and Practices initiative (MPIP) this article summarises best practices in the preparation and submission of manuscript. This is a "how-to" guide on getting published.

Alternative access here (PDF format).


Selecting a journal


Avoiding dodgy journals

  • How to avoid your publication disappearing into a black hole of inaccessible, irrelevant or predatory journals.


Making your article accessible 

  • SHERPA/Romeo This website summarises journal open access and copyright policies to help authors understand how they can distribute their work.
  • 'What is Open Access'. University of Melbourne information package on OA publishing.


RMH Publishing Policy


Reporting guidelines

  • Equator network is a collection of reporting guidelines. These are simple, structured tools containing a minimum list of information needed to ensure a manuscript can be read, understood and replicated.

E-books on writing and publishing


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