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Diversity in Research: Resources


Smaro Lazarakis | Clinical Librarian

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This is a collection of resources around ensuring that research equitably represents the populations it intends to serve.



Increasing diversity in research - The Centre for Ethnic Health Research (UK).

INCLUDE - Better Healthcare Through More Inclusive Research. NIHR (UK).

Trial Forge - Improving trial diversity

Trial Forge is a multi-partner initiative to improve diversity in trials. Includes sections on:

  • sex and gender
  • ethnicity
  • socioeconomically disadvantaged groups
  • older people
  • people with impaired capacity to consent
Recommendations to improve cultural and linguistic diversity in clinical trials. Australian Clinical Trials Alliance


Research involving Indigenous communities.

Journal reporting guidance


Understanding Racial Bias

Racial bias - Catalogue of Bias

A distortion arising from systemic, institutional, interpersonal or individual forms of explicit (conscious) or implicit (unconscious) prejudice against individuals or groups based on social constructs of race or ethnicity that influences the planning, methods, results, interpretation, dissemination and application of health research. Read more...

Critically Appraising for Antiracism

Critically appraising for antiracism not only alerts a consumer of limitations in published research, giving them an idea of a study’s strength and methodological robustness, but .... also underlines the importance of diversity from the beginning of the research cycle, and ... supports researchers of the future to overcome these limitations.

Naicker’s Critically Appraising for Antiracism Tool. Critical appraisal checklist.



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The Lack of Race and Ethnicity Data in Australia—A Threat to Achieving Health Equity. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. 2023 Jan;20(8):5530.

Developing a roadmap to improve trial delivery for under-served groups: results from a UK multi-stakeholder process. Trials. 2020 Aug 1;21(1):694.

Trial Forge Guidance 3: randomised trials and how to recruit and retain individuals from ethnic minority groups—practical guidance to support better practice. Trials. 2022 Aug 17;23(1):672.

The forgotten, the ignored and the under-served – trials cannot continue to fail large parts of society. On Medicine. 2020.

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