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AI Tools : Overview

This page lists some of the tools and issues around using the new generation of AI tools in healthcare and research.

Note that tools can give false or incomplete information, and give no reasoning as to why they present the information they do ('black box' approach).

Researchers and authors are responsible for any information or action put forward, regardless of the tools used.

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Position Statements

AI & Publication

Main points

  1. Chatbots cannot be authors.
  2. Authors should be transparent about how and when chatbots are used.
    1. When an AI tool is used to carry out or generate analytical work or help report results, this should be stated in the paper.
  3. Authors are responsible for the material provided by a chatbot in their paper (including the accuracy of what is presented and the absence of plagiarism).
  4. Editors and peer reviewers should specify, to authors and each other, any use of chatbots in the evaluation of the manuscript and generation of reviews and correspondence.

AI General Tools

They are very effective language tools but are poor choices for identifying research. All these tools are prone to fabrication (AKA hallucinating), and may make up references if asked to provide sources. These tools are free to use and include:

  • Chat GPT
  • Microsoft Copilot
  • Google Gemini

To obtain information based on known sources use the tools listed in 'AI Tools to Find Evidence'.

Acceptable uses of these tools:

  • formulate ideas such as outlines or questions
  • assistance with tasks such as Excel formulas
  • rephrasing information to a particular audience
  • proof read text

AI tools to find evidence

These tools use reliable sources of information such as Semantic Scholar.

In general they should not hallucinate and will give sources .

They have functions such as providing a synopsis. data extraction and identifying citations. Subscription may be required to access some features.


AI Summarising Tools

These tools allow you to summarise or ask questions of documents.



Geoff Hill | Clinical Librarian