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Critical Analysis

Art of reading a journal article: Methodically and effectively

BMJ: How to read a paper A series of papers on how to read and critique different types of research articles.

BMJ Statistical notes series. A series of explanatory notes on interpreting statistics in medical research. Topics include validating scales, correlation, probabilities, bootstrap resampling and many more. To access full text, go to  Find an article at the library webpage, then enter 'Statistics notes'.

Tips for analyzing studies, medical evidence and health care claims. Series of short articles from on how to analyse studies.

What is “quality of evidence” and why is it important to clinicians?

GRADE guidelines: 3. Rating the quality of evidence

GRADE guidelines: 4. Rating the quality of evidence—study limitations (risk of bias)


Forming your research question

BMJ How to clarify a clinical question

Video: How to Use the PICO Method to Form a Clinical Question


How to search for literature.

How to use the medical subject headings (MeSH) - The International Journal of Clinical Practice

Video: Subject headings vs keywords

Video: Medline - Searching with Subject Headings

Video: Boolean Operators: Pirates vs. Ninjas

Video: Search Smart - Truncation, Wildcard and Phrase Searching



UoM guide to literature review process: Literature Reviews

UoM Tertiary Essay Writing

Sample text with editorial markup from Purdue University

10 simple rules for writing a lit review - article