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Managing your references

It is important to keep track of the articles you are including in your literature review:

  • readers should be able to identify and obtain articles referenced in your paper
  • you must reference in the style requested
  • the marking schema allocates marks to referencing
  • referencing protects against perceptions of inadvertent plagiarism

Reference management programs simplify this task by storing your references and automatically creating reference lists in Word, or other programs, as you write. Widely used programs include Endnote, Zotero and Mendeley.

Note that these programs are not intuitive and will require some time to learn to use. However the time saved by using them during the referencing process makes this time a worthwhile investment, and you are likely to use these programs in your future career.

UoM students can download Endnote and other programs for free at The UoM library also has webinars and other materials on reference management -

Tip. Alternatively, search YouTube for Endnote tutorial for quick guides to get you started.


Re:cite is the UoM guide to correct referencing.