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Copyright & Intellectual Property

Copyright owners have exclusive rights over how their work is used:

  • control over reproducing, publishing and communicating the work.
  • copyright is inherent in creating a work. You do not need to register copyright.
  • the creator of a work may not own the copyright:
    • if work is created as part of employment, then copyright is usually owned by the employer
    • copyright may be transferred
      • publishers often take ownership of copyright as part of publication agreements (eg journal articles)
  • if copyright is owned by, or transferred to, a third party the creator of the work retains 'moral rights' over the work:
    • the right to be credited for the work
    • the right for the work not to be falsely attributed
    • not to have the work treated in a derogatory manner.


More information

Australian Copyright Council - Ownership of copyright.

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