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Publishing Your Research


You've done the research. You've written the manuscript. Where should you publish?


To maximise the audience and impact of your paper consider the following:

  • does the topic of your paper match the journal's scope?
  • does the journal publish this type of research , eg case notes, replication studies. etc
    • read the journal guidelines before preparing your submission. Do you meet the criteria?
  • what is the best readership for your paper:
    • specialised (small but interested audience), or
    • general (larger but competing for attention)
  • is the journal visible?
    • is it widely read in your discipline?
    • is it indexed in relevant databases such as Medline/PubMed?
    • what is it's impact factor?
  • what type of access do you want?
    • open access? This can reach a wider audience but may involve article processing fees
    • subscription access. The traditional approach, but may be behind a paywall.
    • not sure what open access means? - read the University of Melbourne Open Scholarship guide.

Journal selection tools: