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Guide to literature searching

Managing your results


Filtering Results

Filtering allows you to exclude material you do not want. Options are shown beneath the search box.

  • Publication Year - to exclude older literature which may be redundant
  • Review - can be useful to find summaries of literature ona topic
  • Publication type
  • Language
  • Human or animal studies

Filter with the check boxes or the Limit a Search option. Note the database defaults to filtering the last line of your search. To limit an earlier set of results check the line you want in your search history. Click Search to run the filters.


Exporting Results

Results can be exported as Word, txt, Excel, Endnote, RIS and other file formats. This allows results to be imported into reference management programs, easily shared between colleagues or kept to be viewed on other devices.   


RIS files allow results to be exported to Endnote, Zotero, Covidence and other programs.


Results can also be emailed to any recipient.

The format of the exported citations can be customised to suit the user. Check Include Link to External Resolver in the export dialogue box to include links to full text of articles.

To select the citations you want to export, click the checkboxes to the left of the results.


Saving Searches

Searches can be saved so you can return to your project without having to start again, or so you can share your search with colleagues.

  1. Select your search using the check boxes to the left of the search history (the top check box will select your entire search history).
  2. Click Save (below search history).
  3. You will be asked to open or create a personal account.
  4. Create your account, title your search and you're done!

You can also save your search as an autoalert to get updates on your topic.