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Clinical and Research Support

Record management

Reference management software

As systematic reviews aim to be comprehensive they frequently involve reviewing and managing large numbers of articles. Reference management software such as Endnote, Papers or Refworks make this task much easier. This Wikipedia page shows a comparison of available software .

Note. The Health Sciences Library does not provide access to any reference management software. You may have access through any university affiliation. Alternatively you may choose to purchase these programs directly. The library does run Endnote training sessions - see the Training @ the Library webpage.

Refworks is available free via the Clinicians Health Channel to staff of participating institutions (includes Melbourne Health, RWH and PMCC).


Systematic Review Tools

Various tools exist to assist teams in performing reviews. They allow collaborative multi-member access to records, assist in data analysis, screening, record keeping and presentation.

Covidence by The Cochrane Collaboration. A subscription is required but a free trial of one review is available.

JBI Sumari (available through the Health Sciences Library Ovid platform)

EPPI Reviewer by the EPPI-Centre at the UCL Institute of Education, University College London.